The Secretariat of the Technical Working Group to Create the Environmental Code is pleased to present to the Ministry of Environment Draft 9.1 of the Environment and Natural Resources Code in Khmer and English for review. This Draft 9.1 includes additional modifications to Book 4 Sustainable Management of Natural Resources Titles 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

The deadline for receiving comments from the Ministry of Environment is 11 August 2017. 

We would like to request that all reviewers please use Track Changes in Microsoft Word for submitting comments and use the Comment Submission Form.

We also ask for reviewers to please be specific when providing proposals for substantive revisions and provide as much detail as possible. In other words, to the greatest extent possible, we ask all reviewers to propose in their comments specific changes in the text of the draft Code, rather than providing general comments about different concepts and approaches. 

If any reviewers have conceptual concerns, need clarifications, or would like to raise broader issues, we are ready to meet and discuss these at any time. However, it will be beneficial for such discussions to take place as far in advance of the August 11 deadline as possible. Please contact us directly to arrange meetings.

As we are providing this draft in both Khmer and English, we appreciate any comments regarding any edits that might be necessary to ensure the proper meaning and consistency of the two drafts. 

We are in the process of preparing an extensive Glossary of terms to accompany the Code. We expect to release a draft of this Glossary in the next several weeks.

Please send all comments to Mr. Menh Someta at Vishnu Law Group (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Please email Mr. Menh Someta to request documents in Microsoft Word.



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